Woman Was Told Her Heavily Swollen Belly Is Not a Baby but Something Way Different

Keely Favell was only 24 when her belly began to swell. By 2016, she looked pregnant! She was so confused by her sudden weight gain, but her fear of doctors kept her away from a diagnosis. For years, she was dealing with the sudden weight gain and swollen belly, possibly thinking she was pregnant. Then, in 27, she was told a wild truth. The photos she recently posted are crazy.

Loving Yourself

Keely Favell claims to have always been “chunky.” It was something that she loved about herself as she never worried about her weight. In 2014, she started to notice that she was gaining much more weight than usual.

Always Healthy

Keely prided herself on her health. She worked out regularly and made sure to eat clean. So, when she began to gain weight, she was a little confused. It wasn’t really making sense to her, but she only took it as to work harder to maintain her ideal body image.

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