Woman Uses Spooky Tactic to Scare off Bears from Her Trash Cans

Everyone has heard the phrase “skeletons in the closet”—but what about “skeletons in the trash can?”

“For years, the bear has gotten in our trash. Recently, he’s been getting into it a whole lot,” said Joni Moss.

When Moss realized she was having a problem with bears breaking into her trash, she spent $100 on locks. Then, she discovered a much more cost-efficient (and hilarious) system to scare bears away from her property.

“We saw something on Facebook about a Halloween decoration, so we went and bought one (for) $25,” Moss said. “It was hilarious to see the first time it scared the bear because I was kind of having doubts that it was actually going to work.”

Moss’ home surveillance camera captured the motion-activated skeleton frightening a bear away several times in the past few days. Now, even her neighbors are even trying the same approach.

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