Woman Sees Dark Shadow in Parking Lot and Realizes Someone’s Been Following Her

By 2 years ago

When Terri Mae was leaving work, she had a suspicion that she wasn’t alone. She was doing her best to keep calm, but then, her fears were realized…

Everything Was Normal

Terri Mae woke up for work early Monday morning. She remembers feeling the Monday blues and not wanting to go to work, but she knew that wasn’t an option. Maybe these Monday blues were actually a gut feeling…

Erin’s House

Terri is a child grief specialist at a place called Erin’s House. There, they work with children who suffer from post-traumatic and grieving children. Needless to say, they’re doing excellent work for an amazing cause there. Seeing the kids was definitely worth that early morning routine for Terri.

She’s All Alone…

Terri’s day went as usual. She saw some clients and even had some laughs. She was feeling accomplished by the end of her shift. Terri ended up staying later than usual, meaning she was the last one left in the building. This wasn’t unusual, but, for some reason, something felt weird.

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