Woman posts stunning Vitiligo body art pictures on Instagram

They say you don’t have to put your self out there to prove self-love, but sometimes it’s inevitable, here we are sharing the snippets of our latest self-love hero who is more of an artist than a preacher. Applaud her for her self-love or for her artistic skills and imagination; Ash Soto who goes with the name “Radiantbambi” is out there to prove herself and want everyone to know she accepts and loves the way she is, and so should every woman with every skin color and body type. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about how different you look, or what skin color you are or what language you speak.

Vitiligo is a rare skin condition (why we call it rare is because only 0.75% of the world’s population is affected by this skin disorder), the sufferers are often embarrassed about how they look and the kind of looks they get from the people around them, it’s not a contagious skin condition, the melanin pigment of the cells of the skin are destroyed in patches leaving white patches on the skin, sometimes vitiligo goes away on its own. What exactly causes this skin disease is still unknown, but in 10% cases it runs in the families.

Ash who suffers from this skin disease showcases her vitiligo marks in Instagram pictures, where she paints her self all over to become a piece of art, she doesn’t want the haters to bring her down and puts her self out there proudly. Ash thinks all woman must be comfortable with their bodies, she writes in her Instagram post “I am my own experiment, I am my own work of art, by being yourself and embracing it only makes you put something amazing in the world”.

Unsurprisingly, Ash gets a lot of back lash on her posts, but majority of her followers on her Instagram love her approach towards her skin disease and her strong will power and determination to never let anyone bring her down. Well we do totally agree with her saying that falling in love with yourself doesn’t make you selfish but indestructible!


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