Woman Mauled to Death by Her French Bulldog

52-year-old Lisa Urso died in her home as the result of a French bulldog attack. Urso had recently adopted the French bulldog, which had been bred to fight, according to authorities.

Urso was found unresponsive on the patio of her home after having been attacked by her French bulldog. She had two other dogs—another French bulldog and a border collie.

"I hate to say it, but unfortunately, it was a vicious attack," said Dr. Howard Cooper, Lake County Coroner. "You don’t really think about it happening with a smaller dog breed, but we forget animals can be powerful. This animal has a lot of jaw strength."

The attack occurred inside of Urso's home, but she passed away on the patio. The French bulldog had a history of biting, but it is impossible to know whether it was the only dog that attacked Urso.

The dog, which weighed about fifty-five pounds, believed to have killed Urso was humanely euthanized.

The breed is not associated with violent attacks. The dog that attacked Urso had receently attacked her boyfriend; Urso had requested the dog be returned by animal control.

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