Wild Photos & Tweets from the Worst Summer Vacations of All Time

Every family has that one summer vacation that gets remembered as the worst trip ever. Maybe everyone gets a stomach bug or the hotel accommodations are less than ideal. Whatever the case, these vacation fails will make your couch sound much more appealing the next time you get the urge to pack up those suitcases and hit the road…

We’re Here!

Imagine getting out of the car and seeing this sign at the end of your long journey to a “luxury getaway.” We wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but unfortunately, this actually happened to some unsuspecting vacationers. Make sure you read hotel reviews, people!

On the Edge

A rainforest tour went horribly wrong when this truck slipped over the edge on a narrow, winding, mountain road. What happened next… well, you’ll have to follow up with the vacationers for that answer.




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