When Mundane Shopping Trips Take Bizarre Turns

By 2 years ago

You never know what you’re in for when you go out in public. Usually, one would assume that it’s going to just be a normal outing to grab some toilet paper or snacks… And then, all of the sudden, you see a child stuck in a freezer or an iguana riding on someone’s shoulder and suddenly this seemingly mundane trip turns into a story you’ll have to tell. These photos are those stories.

Sleepy Cat

Please, don’t bother her. She’s working a double and on her break!

A Very Literal Employee

Let’s be honest here: Working retail makes your brain do these things. I don’t blame that employee at all.

Good Use of Time

If you’re going to be stuck stocking all night, might as well make the best use of your time with a dope design! We gotta applaud this employee.

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