When He Asked for Extra Cream Cheese, McDonald's Went Above and Beyond

Picture this scenario. It's eight in the morning and the only thing that's giving you the strength to get through the workday is the thought of a hot coffee and a warm bagel with cream cheese. To ensure maximum slathering, you ask for extra cream cheese—just in case. You pay for your order and head straight to the office, unwrapping it with the fervor of a dehydrated man in the desert, only to discover that a terrible curse has been put upon you and your family.

That's what happened to Bryan Passifiume last week.

Passifiume shared photos of the monstrosity he was served at a Canadian McDonald's on his Twitter page. It's safe to say that he certainly got what he asked for, but "extra" doesn't necessarily constitute "the entire tub."

"I ordered extra cream cheese as they usually just apply it like butter, but this is clearly just an exercise in passive-aggressiveness," Passifiume commented. "How do I possibly eat this?"

Honestly, Bryan? We don't know. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Fortunately, McDonald's took action when Passifiume's tweets made the rounds online. They ended up attempting to amend the situation by offering the entire Toronto Sun newsroom breakfast—including a pile of cream cheese bagels. Team McD's for the win, indeed.

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