Watch Amy Schumer Scare Her Son After He Says "Dad" For the First Time

Mom life is treating Amy Schumer well. She loves to keep her fans updated on her son's milestones, and the latest is no different. A few weeks ago, she shared a video of her son, Gene David Fischer, saying the word "mom" for the first time. The Internet ate it up just as much as she did, and her son seems to be a fast learner, because earlier this week, Gene said the word "dad." Amy's reaction was absolutely priceless.

Amy and her husband Chris Fischer have been very open about their experiences being parents, showing the Internet all of the good and the bad, and keeping it real with their followers. When their son said "dad" for the first time, both were overjoyed mostly because they got to be there for the moment. With quarantine keeping them both at home, that means they don't have to miss out on any of their son's latest steps. "This video was clearly a surprise to us," Amy wrote in the caption of her hilarious video. "Getting to experience these first moments with my son makes me feel so lucky."

Apparently, the moment was unexpected for Gene too, because he burst into tears when Amy reacted over his new vocab. The overly-excited mom is probably one of the most relatable celebrity parents out there at the moment, and many other parents can certainly relate to how it feels to experience a child's first few words. And, from the looks of the video, Gene was pretty happy with himself too once he calmed down.

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