Washington QB Alex Smith Mangles Leg on Anniversary of Joe Theismann’s Identical Injury

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is officially out of the season due to his gruesome leg injury. Coach Jay Gruden broke the news that Smith broke his fibula and tibia. He will need intense surgery over the next few months, meaning he is out for the season.

The injury falls on the 33rd anniversary of Joe Theismann’s identical injury. Theismann was with the Redskins from 1974 until 1985, when the injury ended his career. Even crazier, Theismann was in the crowd during the game.

Theismann also commented on the injury, even saying in an interview that he immediately turned away the second he realized what was happening.

Many people have been commenting on the injury, citing how cringeworthy it was to watch. Despite the fact that he is out for the season, people will be rooting for him as he gets through this hard time in his life. Doctors believe that he will be ready for next season.

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