Walmart Now Offers Pet Insurance

Walmart is no stranger to the pet industry, now being a purveyor of all kinds of products for your furry friend. Now, they've decided to start offering pet insurance since adoption rates soared through the pandemic. Last year, Walmart launched an online pharmacy and in-store veterinary clinics, and now their services will include pet insurance, petsitting, and dog walking. 

"Especially as adoption rates soar as a result of the pandemic and more people become pet owners, this was the perfect time to launch expanded services," Melody Richard, Walmart's merchandising vice president of pets said. Walmart is partnering with the insurance company Petplan to help owners cover the cost of injuries and illnesses. They can save up to 10% on comprehensive insurance for $20 a month, and the insurance also vouches up to $1,000 worth of virtual vet visits. 

While pet insurance isn't right or even necessary for everyone, it's always important to at least consider the option. "There's no magic formula that will tell you if it's right for you and your pet," the American Veterinary Medical Association states on its website. Talk to your vet about what sort of coverage you and your pet may or may not need before purchasing. 

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