Wallet Lost In The Floorboards Found With Something Incredible Inside

When the owners of the Talent Factory comedy club in Nevada, Iowa began renovating their third floor, they opened up the floorboards to reveal a wallet. How could this be? That floor had not been opened to the public since they renovated the theater into the comedy club that it was today. When they opened the wallet, they couldn’t believe what they came across!

The Palace Theater

The Talent Factory opened in 1913 as The Palace Theater. Admission was only one dime. They played movies and even had their own pianist to go along with the silent films. The Palace Theater closed in 1928 due to competing theaters. It had reopened later under new ownership and was popular in the small town. It went through many different eras and owners until it’s current state as a comedy club.

The Talent Factory

This was a very popular theater in the 1940’s among young adults and teens. This is when movies were beginning to peak and thrive. The 400 seat theater holds many memories for the people of Nevada. The new theater still holds the integrity of the famous and old history with the same architecture, just updated!




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