Video of Man Jumping off Hotel Balcony Finally Explained

Perhaps someone tore a hole in the space-time continuum, or maybe it's just a series of unfortunate events, but life really does seem to keep getting weirder. It's chaos out there—and this video proves it. Watch below for yourselves.

There are several questions to be asked, here. Well, more than several. First of all, why was he already wet? Why didn't he take the stairs Why did he think this would be the best and most effective course of action? Mostly, just why?

Apparently, the guy who sped out of that flooding hotel room didn't just ruin the Nissan upon which he so ungracefully descended—he also racked up some pretty pricey damages to the room in which he was staying.

The strange video was shared on Tuesday and started going viral almost immediately. According to the man behind the camera, the incident began sometime around 7 pm. at a Studio 6 motel in Commerce, CA, right outside of Los Angeles.

Fire alarms were going off, but the employees at the motel were unable to enter the room because the door was locked. A staffer smashed the window to get inside—and once the door opened, the water started flowing. The jumper dodged a hotel employee's grasp, leapt over the second-floor railing, and landed on top of the Nissan Murano seen above.

Not only did the mystery jumper nearly die, but he caused over $10,000 in damages. Motel staff claimed that he had turned on all the faucets in the room and burst the pipes in the ceiling. Neither the hotel management nor the car owner wanted to press charges, and apparently, the jumper had no malicious intent. Supposedly, the room just flood—and fortunately, the owner of the Nissan has insurance and his contact information.

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