US Army Soldier Says Last Goodbye, All Thanks to a Stranger’s Unbelievable Kindness

By 3 years ago

When a US Army Servicewoman was stationed overseas, she got a call that would change her life forever. Jumping to action, she and her service dog, headed for home. But when plans didn’t go as expected, her only hope was to place her trust in a total stranger. But trusting a stranger is a tough thing to do these days, and she worried about making the wrong decision. What would you do? Trust the stranger? Or take another route?


The Call

Earlier this month, US Army Servicewoman, Brittany Bunker, received a call that changed her life. While stationed outside of US soil, family members informed her that her father’s health was rapidly declining, and he would only live a few days more…

Asking Her Superiors

She spoke with leadership quickly after getting the call, and they allowed her to take emergency leave to head home to her father the rest of her family. Getting home wouldn’t be easy, though. Being stationed so far away had its disadvantages…

Flight Mess

She was scheduled for 4 flights that would get her and her service dog home around midnight. The first took off behind schedule, however, causing her to miss her next flight. In a panic, she asked a flight attendant what she could do. The attendant let her know that there was one more flight that night, heading to the same destination, that she could take…


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