Unbelievable Secrets Every Patient Should Know About Hospitals

We’ve all been there.. Whether it’s the ER, visiting a sick loved one, or getting a procedure done. No one looks forward to a health crisis, but these awesome tips will help you get the best medical care, cut bill costs, and get out of the hospital alive with some dough in your pocket.

Teaching Hospitals Are Best


Freestanding ERs.. Beware!

Those freestanding ERs popping up all over? They typically don’t have anywhere near the resources of hospital ERs, yet they cost just as much. Go there for small bumps and bruises. For something serious (chest pain, a badly broken bone), get to a trauma center where specialists and surgeons work.

Don’t Pick The First Rehab You Come Across

If you’re being released for rehab, shop around for a place that has experience with your condition. We found that rehab facilities that handle more than two dozen hip fractures a year were more than twice as likely to successfully discharge seniors within a month as less experienced facilities were.

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