Unbelievable Clothing Items That’ll Make You Rethink Fashion

By 3 years ago

Warning: All of the following clothing items are questionable and will make you spiral into wondering how they were even sold to the public. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution.

Mickey Looks like He Needs Some Serious Help

While this was most likely unintentional as the sweatshirt is made to be worn on your torso and not around your waist, we still can’t help but feel sorry for poor Mikey and his ultimate demise.

A Denim Jacket Made out of Denim Pants?

This is surely a fashion statement, but it would be nice to look like you’re wearing an actual jacket instead of a piece of clothing that looks like it was made of dirty old jeans. Or is this a pair of pants and we’re just not seeing it? Either way, put that thing back where it came from!

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