Uber Driver Posts Recording of Aggressive Encounter with High Profile Passenger Landing Her in Hot Water

If you aren’t familiar with it, Uber is a car share company that gives a cheaper, safer and more friendly alternative to a taxi cab service. Every day people are driving others around in their own personal car. Some drivers do this as their only job, while others use it as a side hustle. It’s been in the news for some controversial things, such as issues between drivers and passengers, safety concerns, and other breaches of privacy that usually get resolved. This case fits the foremost case.

Night Shifts

Uber is best used for taking drunken folks from bar to bar or from bar to home. Working weekends is probably the best for drivers in busy cities or bustling suburban towns with a heavy bar scene. Most of the time, when getting an obnoxious drunk for a customer, the driver will be able to rid themselves of the passenger in a few minutes and forget that the encounter even happened. This was not the case for the Texas driver…

Less Than Perfect Passenger

Most passengers are pleasant. They get in the car, make polite small talk, get out, tip well, thank the driver and then they (usually) never speak again. Maybe a less than ideal passenger is rudely quiet, doesn’t tip, and gets out in a huff. Maybe they’re having a bad day, maybe they didn’t like the drive, whatever! Unfortunately, it gets worse if the passenger is intoxicated.

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