Twitter User Finds Unexpected Road Trip Buddy

This is one of those only-on-Twitter moments for sure. Twitter user @hudIle noticed that he and another car had been in the same stretch of roads for the past few hours. Obviously, they were going somewhere similar, so when @hudIle got hungry, he decided to invite his unsuspecting road trip buddy.

Naturally, he documented it on Snapchat. If he didn’t, absolutely no one would have believed him.

Well, you never know what could happen! He pulled up next to his friend and invited him to Five Guys, which the guy agreed to!

Turns out, his name is Matt, and he was just cruising along just like @hudIle was. They hung out, had some nice conversation to break up the horrible long drive they were both on, and had some food!

Luckily this turned out a-okay!

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