Twitter Is Debating the Most Popular Sleeping Positions on This Diagram

Night owls and early birds are hashing it out in a hilarious Twitter thread after one Twitter user shared a diagram depicting 18 different sleeping positions.

Allan Bell shared the illustration on his page, which includes 15 drawings of a man and three pictures of a woman getting cozy before a good night's sleep. "I'm a No. 9, which are you?" he asked. Little did Bell know the repercussions of his seemingly innocent question.

Thousands of responses poured in from people all over the world. Many people shared their own sleeping positions in reference to the chart while others acknowledged the strange disparity between male and female graphics, joking that women must not be "allowed to sleep."

Others discussed how they couldn't relate to the chart whatsoever, citing sleeping with their phone, their dog, or entirely naked.

The debate opened up a number of questions regarding how others sleep comfortably. Some Twitter users didn't understand how some "weirdos" were capable of staying in a singular position throughout the night, to begin with. 

While it's universally agreed upon that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to sleep, you have to admit that number 13 is... deeply questionable.

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