Twitter Figures out How Thwart New to University Parking Violation

Twitter user babayaga wrote on Twitter expressing her disdain for the University of Houston's recent response to parking violations: "the barnacle."

The "barnacle"  is a windshield device akin to a tire boot. The barnacle costs $920 to remove, which the student found unfair. The university's parking department replied on Twitter stating that valid parking permits are able to be applied for at any time, but the Twitter user responded saying that parking permits cost $800 per semester. The university responded once again stating that a parking permit costs $337.

However, Twitter banded together to try and help the Twitter user could get around the system. People suggested breaking the windshield to scrape the adherent mechanism from the glass service with a credit card or gift card, but others got a little more creative...

Even if you're in a sticky situation, Twitter is always there to help you out.

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