Trump Reveals He Has Been Tested For COVID-19

Trump's results should be ready within a few days, but until then, he announced during a press conference that he has been in contact with infected individuals and is taking precautions to quell the virus should he have it. 

“I took the test last night," he said. "I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday, people were asking ‘Did I take the test?’” 

Trump did have his temperature taken before the press conference, and he revealed that it was "totally normal." The early symptoms of COVID-19, if the infected person is not asymptomatic, are fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. 

Vice President Mike Pence also spoke on behalf of the US's restrictions on travel: 

“The president just foreshadowed in our task force meeting today, the president has made a decision to suspend all travel to the United Kingdom and Ireland effective midnight Monday night, eastern standard time,” he said. “As the president just suggested, all of our health experts presented information, Dr. Fauci will reflect on some of those numbers, made a unanimous decision to the president that we suspend all travel from the UK and Ireland that will be effective midnight Monday night eastern standard time. Again, Americans in the U.K. or Ireland can come home, legal residents can come home, but as the secretary will detail they will be funneled through specific airports and processed.”

Despite coming into contact with positive patients, Trump currently shows no symptoms and does not require quarantining, according to the White House doctor.

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