This TikTok User Covered Their Chicken and Toothpicks and Caught Gordon Ramsay's Attention

Gordon Ramsay is something of a TikTok legend. People tag the famous chef in their "Five Minute Recipes" videos and he duets in response, usually with some sort of roast. Known for tearing into home chefs and professional cooks, Ramsay never holds back when it comes to doling out insults. This time, one user tagged him in a video of their roasted chicken recipe, and the result? A carcass covered in toothpicks.

The recipe starts off pretty standard, with the user glazing their roasted chicken and Ramsay seeing no issue with the technique. That's a win. But then, the user starts decorating the chicken with toothpicks, and Ramsay has to interject. Maybe it's so the glaze can seep into the chicken skin? Who's to say, but Ramsay doesn't like that. "Performing acupuncture on a chicken," Ramsay says. "You're supposed to cook it not prick it. Oh my goodness, me."

After the user pulls the chicken out of the oven, it doesn't seem like the toothpick technique did any good. "That looks dry. You've turned the chicken into a hedgehog!" Ramsay criticizes. As he always is, Ramsay is definitely right. Leave the cutting-edge culinary techniques to the professionals, TikTok is for chaos and chaos only.

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