This Technology Is 23andMe for Your Cat

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the products were certainly stranger than ever—however, one particular technology stole the show. Founded in 2016, Basepaws may be the key to better understand your cat’s overall needs.

Basepaws showed off its genetics testing platform at the trade show. Its “Catkit” allows pet owners to collect their feline friend’s genetic material and send in the DNA for a variety of analyses. Basepaws provides a hearty glimpse into your cat’s ancestry, potential longevity, and subtle traits that could impact health and wellness.

Pets have become a multibillion-dollar industry, with stakes in everything from food to medical insurance. Although genetic testing for dogs has existed for a while, kitties tend to be overlooked in the market of DNA ancestry. Anna Skaya, chief executive and founder of Basepaws, said, “DNA research has revealed a vast amount of useful, often life-saving information for humans. We want to facilitate those same kind of breakthroughs for cats.”

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