This Showering Tool Makes Bathing Pets a Breeze

With pet salons shuttered for the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your pets may not be looking their finest, these days. Skipping baths and nail trimmings might make your pet much happier, but there comes a time when every pet owner must make a decision: will I have a stinky dog, or will I attempt to bathe them and hope for the best? Fortunately, this new showering tool might make life a whole lot easier.

It's no secret that many pets resist bathtime like it's the plague. This at-home grooming tool has the potential to make the whole ordeal stress-free. The Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool saw a spike in search volume last week, having been praised by pet parents everywhere as an "incredible, genius product" that makes "bath time a breeze."

Using the tool is simple. Just slide your hand into the tool, making sure that the silicone spikes are facing outward. Connect the hose to a faucet somewhere you won't mind water getting everywhere—like the backyard or the garden—and press the center of the tool to release the water.

The design of this tool makes it easy to pet your dog while you shower them, meaning that you can comfort even the jitteriest of pups who hate the water.

"The rubber material with the nubs makes rinsing shampoo ridiculously easy," said one shopper. "It was almost like using a squeegee on my dog."

The Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool runs for only $25 on Amazon.

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