This Shelter Has A "Pet of the Week" To Encourage Adoptions

By 7 months ago

This sweet tabby and white kitty came to the shelter after its owner had more cats than they could take care of. She appears to be three years old but acts like a kitten. She is a social little lady and gets along with the rest of the cats in the shelter's playroom. If you're looking for a companion for your cat, consider Amy at the Chinook shelter.

Amy is also a total people-cat. She loves to "make biscuits" on your lap while you pet her. She is brave and will approach visitors to the shelter hoping for some love. Because she is the Pet of the Week, her adoption fee has been halved to $27.50.

This year has been a packed year for kittens at shelters all across the country. The pandemic caused an influx of pets being brought in to shelters because families struggled to care for them, but now things are evening out again as people are ready to adopt pets in need. 

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