This Salmon Is The Wagyu Beef of Seafood

When you think of extravagant seafood, the tuna usually rules. It’s the focal point of any sushi dish, and it’s the world’s most expensive fish, going for $3.1 million in Tokyo earlier this year.

Salmon, however, is “America’s Workhouse Fish.” It’s healthy, packed with omega 3-fatty acids and vitamin D, and is versatile in the kitchen. Now, a high end farmed salmon is here to challenge fancy free-range tuna.

For 25 years, New Zealand King Salmon C. has been breeding Ora King salmon from stock first imported from California in the 1990s. The result is an especially fatty fish with strikingly marbled meat and a sumptuous melt-in-the-mouth texture, like wagyu beef of the ocean. Chefs compare it to the luxuriousness of raw fatty tuna.

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