This Modern and Cozy Pet Furniture Should Be On Your Wishlist

Pet and Pods Studio has designed some of the chicest, most fashionable pet beds that look like they belong in a modern home. The founders combined their experience with architecture, design, and carpentry to make their cat feel more comfortable in their own home. From there, they decided to launch an entire line for pets everywhere. Based in Kent, UK, Pet and Pods have the most perfect lounge space for your cat or dog.

The material used in these pet beds is PET free, but still sot and durable so your cat or dog can play without you having to worry about it wearing out. The beds are also eco-friendly, made from recycled bottles without any chemical binders. AND they're hypoallergenic!

All Pet and Pods designs are meant to be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. The craftsmanship behind the design is modern yet traditional, and provide the highest level of comfort that your pet deserves. 

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