This Lifeguard Saved a Woman's Life, Only to Be Sued For the Heroic Act

A beach day is supposed to be fun in the sun, but one fateful day proved that summer days are not just for catching rays. When one vigilant lifeguard saw something strange in the water, he knew he had to take a chance. But how would it play out weeks later? That was something he never thought he would have to consider, but maybe he should have...

Saving Lives

Lifeguarding is a time-honored profession of people who dedicate their days to protecting swimmers from death in the tumultuous oceans and pools. Around the world, over 1 million lives are saved by lifeguards a year. The International Life Saving Federation has 120 members federations. There are high stakes with this line of work, but allegedly the chances of drowning on a protected beach are 1 in 18 million...

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Post originally appeared on Inside Mystery.