This Is Why Kitties Get Freckles on Their Noses

Cats are cute enough without freckles, but they sure are adorable with them, too. But what are cat freckles actually called?

Dark spots can appear on your cat's nose, mouth, ears, or eyelids—basically anywhere that skin or mucous membranes are visible. The condition that causes dark brown or black spots is known as lentigo simplex. The lentigines, or "freckles," start small and get larger as your cat ages.

Lentigo simplex is most common in ginger tabbies, but lentigines can also be found on calicos, tortoiseshell cats, and flame point cats due to the orange chromosomes in their genetic makeup. The freckles usually begin on the lips and spread elsewhere as time goes on. They can even appear on the pads of their feet.

The condition, thankfully, is not at all a cause for concern. Cat owners have to be vigilant about their kitty's mouth, gums, and teeth, but lentigines are totally harmless. Hyperpigmentation is nothing more than an aesthetic deviation—and a cute one, at that. If you do note that the cat freckles are raised, it might be time to talk to a veterinarian. Otherwise, just sit back and admire the unique beauty of your feline friends.

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