This Guy Went Viral For Putting His Face on a Ceiling Fan

Sometimes Zoom doesn't always work perfectly, and for this guy, a hilarious technical difficulty has surprisingly launched him into some fleeting Internet fame. "Fan Man"  Keaton Dockery-Yanker, a University of Arizona student, is taking all of his classes virtually, which means pretty much all of his class encounters are happening over Zoom. 

It all started when one student zoomed in on the class and realized Keaton's thumbnail was right over another classmate's who happened to have a ceiling fan right below where his neck was. The girl, Sonia, took to TikTok of course, and published a hilarious comp of the entire Zoom meeting and its hilarious grid-view of the class. Her caption reads, "I hope the guy in my Zoom class watches this video." I can almost guarantee that he did.


i hope the guy in my zoom class watches this video ##WelcomeWeek ##MeTime ##ShowAndTell ##fyp ##zoom ##school

♬ origineel geluid - shittyflute

It only took a couple hours before Keaton saw the video.  "I was with my girlfriend and she said like three people had sent it to her like, 'Is that your boyfriend?'" he said to BuzzFeed. "And we died laughing." He followed up with a reaction TikTok and reaped the subsequential benefits of how it feels to earn your five seconds of fame.

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