This Dog Is Trained to Respond to Harry Potter Spells

American actress and YouTube personality Anna Brisbin, otherwise known as Brizzy Voices, showed off her one-year-old pup’s magical talents on Twitter. The dog is a miniature dachshund named Remus after the wizard Remus Lupin in Harry Potter. Remus was wearing a Gryffindor school uniform and happily followed his owner’s commands issued in the form of spells.

Remus won the hearts of Twitter users across the globe with his talents. He urinates in response to the water-making spell aguamenti and responds to the serpensortia, a spell that summons snakes, by sticking out his tiny tongue. Remus also jumps when told wingardium leviosa and plays dead upon hearing avada kedavra.

Anna is a diehard Potterhead. “Harry Potter is my everything,” she said. “It’s what raised me and formed me to be the person I am today and inspired my career as an actor.” She also calls her cat, Torrie, a dementor.

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