This Couple Has Fostered Over 80 Dogs

The LeBeoufs have fostered 83 dogs since 2012, and they don't have any intention of stopping. As long as there are animals in need, their door is always open. “It’s something that we really enjoy, and I think it brings an element of fun to our household,” Mendi LeBeouf said. “There’s just an element of satisfaction and they give us unconditional love.”

Mendi is a coach, athletic director, and teacher, and she and her husband Doug began their foster journey when they were considering adopting a dog themselves. “Actually we weren’t really planning on fostering dogs, but we had a lab mix of our own who we thought needed a companion,” she said. “He’s a friendly guy.”

A friend suggested they foster first so they could make sure their own dog was going to adapt to having a second pet in the home. “Before we knew it we were not adopting, but fostering,” Mendi said. “We found it to be super rewarding to know we were helping another dog.” The couple works to make sure the dogs are acclimated to people, well-taken care of, and healthy enough to move on to their own forever homes.

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