This Cat Has To Join His Owner Every Time She Takes a Bath

When Jinx the cat was rescued, she was only four weks old and covered in fleas. Her owner had to give her constant baths in order to get rid of the little pests, and it turned out that she actually didn't mind the water. “She was riddled with fleas when I first got her and because she was so young I didn’t want to give her any flea drops or tablets etc, so I would put her in the sink and wash her almost every day,” Tracey Lehmann said.

It's normal for cats to hate, even hide, from water, but not Jinx. She loves the bathtub and will often bother her owner to get in with her whenever she's gett ing some much needed R&R. “I know when she wants to hop in because she’ll end up looking at me and meowing constantly,” Lehmann said. Once she's in, Jinx will stay put the entire time, lounging away in the warm sudsy water.


She even tolerates being covered in soap bubbles. Some cats just know good relaxation when they see it, and Jinx just happens to love a warm bath. “I usually take her out first so she can walk around the bathroom and dry off a little bit before letting her get the rest of the house dirty, but she’ll be in there for half an hour to 40 minutes just standing there or sitting on my lap,” Lehmann said. And her love of water doesn't stop there! She also loves to go out and play in the rain. 

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