This Abandoned Wolf-Dog Was Once So Scared He Wouldn’t Leave The Corner

Abandoned dogs often suffer from severe trust issues and this poor creature is no exception. After it was found on the streets of Los Angeles, the rescuers found that the dog refused to leave the corner and realized that the wild canine’s trust would not come easy.

Luckily, one even wilder companion would come to its life to change all of that.

Back in July of 2016, animal control responded to reports of sightings of a stray dog in a South Central L.A suburb.

The team then managed to track down the animal in a park, which was in so bad of a condition that it couldn’t even run away from the rescuers.

Nobody really had any idea where the dog come from. The only things that the rescuers were sure of was that somebody had kept it as a pet, evidenced by the crude collar around its neck. And, that it had a hard time with humans, because of how cautious and nervous it was around them.

Regardless of whatever its previous owner did to it, it was clear that the dog needed immediate medical attention. So, the team took the stray to a shelter immediately for treatment.

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