These Thanksgiving Favorites Should Not Be Eaten By Pets

Though you might be grateful to have your pet with you during the holidays, dog and cat owners should be aware that not everything on our plates is as good for our furry friends. Though the magical Turkey Day might be a feast for people, for animals, there are some hidden toxins just below the surface. According to a New York Post interview with Erin Sawyer, the chief medical officer and co-founder of the dog training app GoodPup, "Black Friday is known in both veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals as a notoriously busy day for all sorts of gastrointestinal issues in dogs."

Erin says that the ideal scenario is keeping your dogs and cats away from the food entirely during the meal, even if that means putting them in another room for the festivities. Since most people won't do that though, she recommends that dogs be kept away from fatty foods. If he takes a bite of white unseasoned turkey meat though, he's likely fine. 

Both cats and dogs should be kept away from garlic, chives, onions, and scallions in any capacity. 

Some other foods to avoid feeding a furry friend include grapes, raisins, or currants. You should also keep them from anything that has been sweetened, especially chocolate. Finally, if you choose to decorate your home with precious Poinsettias, be mindful of keeping the plant away from pets, as it can poison them. As long as your pet is happy and healthy, it's sure to be a wonderful holiday!

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.