These Photos Of The Crow Tribe Taken A Century Ago Reveals An All-But-Forgotten World

Wearing their traditional clothing, these men and women from the crow tribe were taken over a century ago and are evidence of a life that was once was.

Today, these photos of these men and women staring boldly into the camera offer us a glimpse into their world that’s long been forgotten.

Children of the Large-Beaked Bird

Many many many years ago, long before European colonists arrived and settled in the Americas, a tribe resided in what’s now known as the state of Ohio. The Hidatsa, a nearby group of Native Americans, christened these people as the  Apsáalooke, or “children of the large-beaked bird.”

Later on, the French would mistranslate the name as the “people of the crows”, and from then on, the tribe became known as the Crow.

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