These Genius Inventions Will Change Your Life Forever

Sick of washing the floors, mowing the lawn, or losing your keys? Don’t sweat the small stuff—the advancement of home technology has made the daily grind more manageable.

NASA Technology Can Clean Your Glasses

The invisible carbon technology used in Peeps cleaning compound safely and easily repels dirt and oil. Forget the microfiber cloth—Peeps is the future of keeping your glasses clean and your vision pristine.

Incredible Device Saves Thousands on Car Repairs

If you own a car built after 1996, FIXD is a brilliant new device that is able to detect specific vehicular issues. If you download the free FIXD app on your Apple or Android phone, it will explain to you exactly what’s wrong with your car. Simply plug FIXD into your diagnostics port to avoid mysterious charges added to your auto repair bill for things you never knew you needed.

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