These Are The Best Dog Food Delivery Options for 2021

It's been an upward trend as of the last year or so that dog owners have been taking their pets' dietary health into their own hands rather than buying canned wet food. In light of the pandemic, many people have resorted to high-quality dog food delivery services in order to avoid spending time in grocery or pet stores. Along the lines of Hello Fresh or Blue Apron services for human food, these dog food meal kits are made with natural ingredients and can be tailored to your specific breed's needs.

If you're looking for a "farm fresh" but also "ready to serve" option, try Spot and Tango or Nom Nom. If you treat your dog's diet the same way you treat your own, these Spot and Tango meal kits are made from "human-grade dog food" and are sourced in New York. Both Spot and Tango and Nom Nom consult veterinary nutritionists to weigh in on ingredients and portion sizes, and everything arrives at your doorstep vacuum sealed and frozen. If you decide to order with Spot and Tango, you can receive 50% off your first order and try out a two-week free trial period. If you order with Nom Nom, you can also receive 50% off your first order.

If you value customer service and convenience, online superstore Chewy is the way to go. You can choose from their store brand or a wide variety of pet foods, some of which are online-exclusives. Though these options aren't "farm-fresh," not every pet owner is looking for that level of commitment when it comes to meal time. Pre-packaged wet and dry food offers lots of health perks, too. If you choose to go with Chewy, you can receive 30% off your first order and free shipping if your cart is over $49. 

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