The Ultimate List of the Largest and Most Intimidating Animals on the Planet

While we all know that dinosaurs were the most massive of creatures to roam the planet, since their extinction, the world has seen quite a few other enormous animals, but none that have truly marveled in size… until now.

The animals on this list are a mix of modern anomalies and overgrown domesticated beasts. Feast your eyes on the largest and most intimidating animals currently residing on Earth…

Massive Bull from England

In 2009, an English bull named Field Marshall weighed close to 2 tons! At 3,682 pounds, his 80-year-old owner, Arthur Duckett says he is in very good health at 8 years old and thinks he will continue to get larger.

The Long-Legged Japanese Spider Crab

The world’s biggest crab is the Japanese Spider Crab with can grow up to 18 feet from claw to claw and weigh as much as 42 pounds.

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