The Turkey Challenge is Alarming Parents Across the Nation

Hide your dads, hide your moms—an image circulating around the internet is daring people to text an unsuspecting family member about cooking a 25-pound turkey in the microwave.

Needless to say, victims of the prank are providing some hilarious answers. From bewilderment to disappointment to sheer, unadulterated terror, responses to the ridiculous question are all over the board.

This father wasn’t particularly amused…

And this woman’s 71-year-old mother called it like she saw it.

The question was so absurd that this girl’s mom never even though to ask why her vegetarian daughter needed the information in the first place.

This mom has had just about enough of her daughter’s shenanigans. Although pizza on Thanksgiving doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, to be honest.

And, finally, in traditional dad fashion, this unamused father asked his kid if they wanted to put square tires on their truck. Try the prank on your own parents and post a tweet to join the thousands of other people who are confusing their well-meaning moms and dads.

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