The Top Subscribed Youtubers Who Make Millions

Countless people have made their living just off of making Youtube videos. Makeup gurus have their own lines, comedians have their own books and tours, and even gamers can sit on the computer or Xbox and play whatever video game all day and make over 5k. This is your guide to see which YouTubers are for you, and who you’re going to binge watch next.

Ryland Adams – 2.8 Million Subscribers

Ryland Adams is an adorable Youtube personality who vlogs and films himself doing challenges or trends that are viral the web. People love his down to earth personality which makes him super relatable. He also has a deep love for his dog, Uno, and cat, Cheeto, whom he shares with famous Youtuber boyfriend Shane Dawson. They are an awesome and hilarious duo who star in each other’s videos. He makes upwards to $85.7K a month on his videos with over 180 million video views.


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