The Reason Why UPS Drivers Only Make Right Turns Will Make You Want To Do The Same

As much as we love our cars, not a single person will tell you that they want to be in the car longer than they have to. If this weren’t true, then why are navigation systems so popular these days?

The fact is, everyone wants to know the shortest route from point A to Point B.

What if, however, there was a better way? Would you be interested?

UPS delivers thousands of packages to various destinations every day and to do it as efficiently as possible, they recommend that their drivers avoid turning left and always turn right whenever possible instead.

The said ‘driving hack’ may seem counterproductive, but it actually saves them tons of time and money, as well as lowers the risk for accident.

Here’s why:

While you probably don’t spend as much time on the road as the average UPS driver, incorporating more right turns could still save you tons of money and time as well.

Be sure to share this life hack with the other drives you know.

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