The Reason Bansky Shredded His Famous Painting After Auction

The infamous and elusive Banksy has struck again. His vigilante artwork has been applauded and critiqued by thousands of people over the past few years. He is best known for his conversation-including street art that is usually called priceless. Business and property owners even do their best to protect the works that end up on their walls!

This story is different, but somehow not surprising. Bansky is all about anti-commercialism and putting a price on art. So, when the no-face artist had a painting go up for auction, people were shocked and excited to go see it and bid. The piece sold for $1.4 million… And once it did, it was immediately destroyed by something he had planned the entire time.

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Going, going, gone…

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It seems that he knew what was coming and even had a front row seat to the event. Bansky knew that this day would come, and had the trigger ready in his pocket. His artwork was wanted by the art world, even though they seem to ignore the true meanings of his work. In lieu of this event, he made sure this piece was ready:

Obviously, no one else except Bansky’s team was in on the treat. This happened years before, too, just waiting for this moment to really make his statement. Many argue that this piece of art is now worth even more since this is the first to ever happen at an art collectors auction. The woman who bought the piece will be keeping it. Who know’s what’s next for this mysterious artist?

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