The Most Unusual Kid and Pet Friendships That Prove Love is Blind

There’s really nothing like the love between a child and their pet. Whether they have a dog, a cat, a fish, or even an alpaca, kid’s have a truly unique way of bonding with animals that only they can understand. The following photos capture the true essence of the bond between young children and their pets, and the language of love only they can speak. This list will have you smiling, laughing, and might even bring a tear to your eye—get ready for a whole lot of cuteness.

Alpacking on the Cuteness

Behold this little red-headed lady meeting her family’s baby Alpaca for the very first time. As the little sister, she had never met anything smaller than her, before this snowy-white cutie-pie entered her life. They were instant best friends and haven’t looked back since.


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