The Most Painfully Hilarious Sunburns You Will Ever See

Don’t forget to pack your sunblock! These sunburns will be sure to make you remember your sunblock next beach trip.

This Girl Who Lived a Yogurt Commercial for a Little Too Long

Worth It: Batman Sunburn

A Supporting Actor from the Movie Cocoon

An INSANE Contrast

At Least It Was Just One Knot

Sunscreen UNDER and AROUND Your Hats!

These Two Who Didn’t Think Sunscreen Was That Important

A Horrible Tribal Sunburn That Looks Like Stretch Marks

This Guy Who Wore a Bra/Bikini Top for One Day

This Guy Who Loves That Old ’90s Surfing Brand


This Disgusting Sunburn for People Who Shouldn’t Go Outside

Looks Like A Tub Of Neapolitan Ice Cream

She Had a Henna Tattoo

This Lobster With The Tank Top Made Of Human Skin

This Guy Who Sucks

This Really Great Red Skull Cosplay

This Guy Who Sleeps With His Hand on His Belly

This Pretty Lady With A Cool Red Body Suit

Someone Who Learned a Hat and Sunglasses Aren’t Enough

Sunburn Level: NEW TOP!

This Man with The Bed Now Made Of Knives

The Loneliest Sunburn Ever

This Guy with The Washington Monument on His Chest

Everybody Should Just Wear Full Body Bikinis

A SICK AC/DC Sunburn, Bro!

When You Forget Your Feet

This Girl Who Switched To A Two-Piece

This Guy Who Don’t Give a Care

The Necklace Must Feel Like a Poker

Mr. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Over Here

This Man Who Will Wear Hats Like a Person Now

A Lesson Learned Re: Tags

A Man Who Knows How to Ask a Question

I Feel Like The Blastoise With a Giant Penis On It’s Back Is The Least of This Guy’s Problems…

A Woman Who Now Doesn’t Have to Buy a White Swimsuit

A Man Who Is Not to Be Touched Under Any Circumstances

That One Time Kim Kardashian Wanted to Age Her Skin 20 Years


Miss America

Gingers Burn the Hardest

Roll-On Lotion!

Tattoos Cut in Half


This Dude Wearing a Neon Pink Shirt

This Girl Who Forgets Parts of Her Body Exist

Why Are Dudes Wearing Bikini Tops So Frequently?

A Girl Who Joined the X-Men

This Dude in Accurate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Cosplay

This Bandana-Wearing Criminal

Barely Bare Midriff

The Kind That Makes Your Eyes Super Red

A Clumsy Superman Sunburn

This Dude Who Went to the Beach W/ a Group of Guys

The Baseball Tee Sunburn

This Poor Unfortunate Soul

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