The Most Obscure and Bizarre Places to Visit in North America

By 2 years ago

Between bizarre art exhibits, freaky haunted mansions, natural wonders, and some terrifying shops that sell the weirdest products, there’s an endless amount of places to experience in North America that are not your ordinary tourist trap.

City Hall Station – New York City, New York

Built in 1904, the abandoned NYC subway station is available to tour. It was working as one of the more high-end subway stations, fitted with gilded walls and even a chandelier. Some say it’s haunted!

The Wave Organ – San Francisco, California

The Wave Organ was built in 1986 for the sole purpose of having the waves constantly playing it. There are more than 20 pipes that extend into the water in order for the sounds to be produced. Each sound is unique and different.

Underground Tunnels – LA

11 miles of service tunnels became secret getaways to basement speakeasies during the prohibition era. Unknown to police, citizens were able to take bar crawling to a whole new level.

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