The Most Haunting Urban Legends From Every US State

By 2 years ago

Dead Children’s Playground – Huntsville, AL

This playground is weirdly located in a cemetery. The true name os Drost Park, but is called Dead Children’s playground due to its bizarre location and the experiences that come with it. In the 1960’s, the town faced a rash of child abductions. Many of the children were found deceased and buried in this cemetery. Many people claim the swings move on a windless night, child-like voices can be heard in the dead of night, and even having disembodied voices respond to people’s questions. Must be a spot to check out!

The Bell Witch – Tennesse

The Bell Witch was a witch that haunted a young family with the last name Bell. According to the father, John Bell, things started going wrong when he tried to shoot a rabbit-dog creature in his backyard. The family experienced tapping on the doors and windows, sheets being taken off their beds as they slept, and the disembodied voice of a woman named Kate. Kate eventually killed John Bell, as the story goes, by making him poison himself. Soon-to-be President Andrew Jackson even visited the family and high-tailed it out of there.

Black-Eyed Children – Texas

The first case of Black-Eyed Children was in 1996 when a reporter pulled into a movie theater. Still sitting in his car, two children came up to the window and knocked on it. They asked for a ride home so that they could go get money to see the movie. The children also told him that they didn’t have a gun, which freaked the reporter out. They then revealed their eyes to him, and he claims “the sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late night television.” Since then, more and more people have seen these threatening children.

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