The Most Extreme and Over-The-Top Promposals

By 3 years ago

Gone are the days of simply calling up your crush and asking them to be your date for the prom. In this day and age, a fancy and elaborate “promposal” is the only way to score a date to the dance. You won’t believe the hoops that some of these teens jumped through to win over their potential dates…

A Real Catch

For the love of the game, and the prom, we sure hope she said yes to this sweet promposal. Her potential date seems like quite a catch.

Spin and Dip

Hopefully, this young man is just joking around with this promposal, because nothing turns a girl off more than a wad of chew.

For Your Own Good

Sure hope she said yes because the alternative seems pretty painful. That is, unless his sister was a kindergartener.


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