The Most Epic Hotel Fails Ever Captured

When traveling, you can spend a lot of money on hotel rooms. After spending up to a couple hundred dollars a night, and you can get breakfast, a bed, bathroom, a refrigerator, and even sometimes a balcony. Imagine spending that money and being absolutely disappointed with your pricey stay. From poorly designed rooms to misleading hotel signs, here you’ll find the best and worst hotel fails ever captured!

The “No Smoking” Room Came With A No Smoking Ash Tray

So what exactly are they supposed to do with this? Take it outside? Not use it at all? Is this just to tease cigarette smokers? This is super off-putting.

Imagine Going On A Trip With A Co-Worker Here

Getting a hotel room with twin beds probably suggests that the people cohabiting the room aren’t that comfortable or close to each other. So, the reasoning to have the bathroom wall a glass wall makes no sense. Actually, even if it was a close couple, why would the bathroom wall be made of glass?!




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