The Most Bizarre Places to Visit in All of North America

By 2 years ago

Between bizarre art exhibits, frightening haunted mansions, natural wonders, and some terrifying shops that sell the weirdest products, there’s an endless amount of places to experience in North America that are not your ordinary tourist trap. You don’t have to leave this continent to discover some pretty amazing and unforgettable things…

Dream House – New York City, New York

This is a project created by a modern composer and visual artist. They melded sight and sound to create a bizarre experience.

Evolution Nature Store – New York City, New York

This store takes creepy to a whole new level! Each and every inch of this business contains natural history collectibles such as butterflies, insects, fossils, seashells, tribal art, skulls, and even full skeletons.

Winchester House – San Jose, California

This home has 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, and 10,000 windows.  It’s also known to be extremely haunted. Sarah Winchester began to build her home in 1886. Over the course of the next 36 years, she was constantly adding to it. Construction only stopped in 1922, when she passed away. Many believe she created the bizarre hallways and staircases-to-nowhere as she ran from the ghosts that chased her.

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